Armed Forces of the Philippines to build a ‘cyber military’ unit

The cyber workforce will be tasked to help safeguard military’s information networks and systems.

By Adrian M. Reodique
July 10, 2017

AFP plans to build a cyber workforce

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) plans to build a cyber workforce to help safeguard the country's military's information networks and systems.

"It is high time that the AFP raised awareness for a secure and resilient AFP cyberspace as we adapt to the rapid technological advancements brought by the digital age," said AFP Public Affairs Office Chief Col. Edgard Arevalo during their Cybersecurity Summit in Camp Aguinaldo on 27-28 June 2017.

In addition, AFP's office for Communication Electronics and Information System (CEIS) is developing a strategic plan to enhance the military's cyberspace capabilities. 

"The development of the AFP Cyberspace Strategic Plan is one of the thrusts of the AFP in attaining information security. It will provide the Armed Forces with a roadmap that will lead us to the realisation of a fully cyberspace-capable organisation by 2022," said Major General Jose Tanjuan Jr., the deputy chief for CIES.

The AFP expects to complete the Cyberspace Strategic Plan within third quarter of 2017.