GCIO Asia provides the latest news and analysis covering public sector IT projects and technology. It also provides practical advice to guide IT modernisation projects, with clearly explained technical information for informed decision-making.

GCIO Asia targets top-tier decision makers in government organisations, such as chief information officers and other senior IT executives who influence or direct IT buying decisions.

GCIO Asia builds the IT business case for these high level members of the executive suite. This unique source of specialised executive information, presents the business value of information technology in a hype-free manner that even non-technical readers can understand and apply.


About Executive Networks Media



Executive Networks Media is the publisher of the region's leading media brands dedicated to covering and supporting the information and communications technology (ICT) indusrty across Asia.

Executive Networks Media publishes GCIO Asia, CIO Asia, MIS Asia, Computerworld Singapore, Computerworld Malaysia and bankITasia.com.

Executive Networks Media is the producer of events devoted to the communities they represent, including the GCIO Forum, the CXO Conference series, the CIO Summit series, the Computerworld Security Summits, as well numerous roundtable events.

Executive Networks Media is the owner of a research consultancy (Executive Networks Research) dedicated to studying technology industry development as well as technology deployment across Asia.

Executive Networks Media titles are: